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    As many of you might already know the circus came to town. It started with a few dockless electric scooters and as soon as they could see that it was a hit among adult commuters and teenagers alike. They opened up the floodgates and electric scooters started pouring in showing up in numbers on...
    May 24, 2018
    Alcohol and stupid ideas goes hand in hand. So the idea wasn't as stupid as you might think. The idea of hoverboard soccer felt like something really fun and it was, for about 15 minutes until Derek started to go all in and there was more football than soccer. Perhaps we've taken an iron too...
    January 17, 2017
    So this is basically just an introduction post for what types of posts you can expect to see over here at Saturday Night Fever. We are 2 (actually 6) that go out togheter most weekends (and weekdays) but to us things tend to always go a bit south on Saturdays. Hence the name of our site. ...
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